Volunteers play a vital role in our mission to make home ownership available to families with limited incomes. From fundraising to wall-raising, volunteers are involved in every aspect of our work.


Volunteering on the construction site is a terrific way to really see our mission in action and to see the fruits of your labor at the end of the day. We welcome a volunteer of any or no skill level as there are many different types of work that you can be trained to do. Our construction sites are open to volunteers on Thursdays and Saturdays from Memorial Day to Labor Day (approximately).


You don’t have to swing a hammer to be an essential part of our work. We depend heavily on the generous efforts of volunteers outside of construction as well. By joining a committee, you can become part of the work that brings our projects to life, makes them run smoothly and builds support in the community. Here’s a quick listing of our committees:


The Construction Committee works closely with the construction supervisor and the Board of directors to take the building project(s) from development through implementation and finally evaluation. They may focus specifically on house design criteria materials, plans energy-efficiency and cost estimates.

Faith Relations

This committee cultivates our relationship with all members of the faith community by seeking support for our program through encouraging participation from its membership, meeting with key players, public speaking, recruiting volunteers and asking for prayerful support for our work.

Family Selection

Members of this committee work at identifying the population in need of decent, affordable housing and will develop processes and policies for selecting those in greatest need. The committee works through a formal selection process to decide which family(ies) to recommend to the Board of Directors as partners for the upcoming project.

Family Nurturing

Members of this committee are committed to the development and uplifting of families and communities, not just the construction of houses. They provide support and friendship, help keep the family on track throughout the entire process and offer resources for the family to realize success in their new role as homeowners.


This committee is responsible for all aspects of raising funds for the organization including individual solicitations, business and corporate solicitations and special fundraising events. This is a hands-on committee whose members go into the community to raise funds.

Land Acquisition

We are always in need of more land!  This committee will define possible home site areas and work to acquire land to build on in those areas. Tasks include working with city and county offices, neighborhood associations and property owners. Those who like to dabble in real estate would be natural members.

Volunteer Recruitment

Habitat is a volunteer-based organization. This committee works with the Volunteer Coordinator and Construction Supervisor to recruit volunteers locally, organize the volunteer schedule and provide opportunities to thank all volunteers. They also plan group build days, coordinate the Care-A-Vanner work crews, seek interested individuals and businesses to provide lunches for the volunteer construction crews.


Your efforts can absolutely make a difference in a family’s and community’s life!

Information or questions? Please contact us at 970-264-6960