Faith Relations

Faith is the greatest gift we can give our families. All they have to do is look at the walls of their home to know their faith is real. Together we can..

  • Make a lasting difference
  • Give a hand up, not a hand out
  • Help solve the growing housing need
  • Invest in our community
  • Be the hands and feet of Christ.

Our housing ministry offers a unique opportunity for the members of your congregation to experience their faith in new and exciting ways.   Participating in a Habitat project can:

  • Help people see the spirit of God’s work outside the four walls of the church
  • Help a church fulfill its mission to minister to persons in need
  • Attract new members and bring energy into a congregation
  • Enable individuals to experience spiritual growth
  • Be a means for identifying and developing leaders within a congregation.

BUILDING ON FAITH can make a difference! Some ways you can partner with Habitat:

  • Provide prayer support
  • Prepare and serve meals for construction workers
  • Supply volunteers for construction crews and committees
  • Attend our Building On Faith build day
  • Schedule your own church T.E.A.M. build day
  • Join an Apostles Build – work with 11 other churches to fund and build a house
  • Sponsor a house – fund and build a Habitat house.